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Low-code use-case examples for Procurement and Human Capital Management

Business applications always need some degree of customization for large Enterprise use. The larger the company, the more complex the workflows needed to ensure smooth operation. In our webinar, we will show you via real use case examples how a typical Human Capital Management and Procurement Management functionality can be implemented on the fly with Effector solution with the help of prescriptive software elements.

If you are a line of business manager or business analyst who is responsible for internal processes improvements you have to register and watch the details of these use cases:

Human Capital Management use-case with an end to end process coverage:

  • Talent pool management, talent acquisition and administration
  • Key personnel-related master data management (key personal and other data, equipment, trainings, etc.)
  • Recruitment-related entire candidate lifecycle management
  • Onboarding management (plan, interact, measure, transact)
  • Employee Performance Management: goals & objective setting, evaluation management
  • Exit management with exit interview and administration of exit management via forms

Procurement use case with an end to end task management for purchasing items/orders:

  • Task review and categorization based on actual status
  • Embedded supplier relationship management with rich master data management feature
  • Procurement-specific prescriptive entities/elements to be imported into the system
  • Unified reporting view with all relevant attributes

Check out our use-cases and get to know more about the Effector low-code platform.

  • Quick overview of the business use-cases
  • Demo of sample use-cases:
    - Human Capital Management use-case
    - Procurement use-case
  • Q&A

Meet the Speaker

Péter Ács
  • 17 yrs of ICT experience
  • 8 yrs in the Financial Services Sector
  • 10 yrs in the ICT industry from Vendor perspective
  • FSI/Telco/Manufacturing industry-specific knowledge

Key strengths:

  • project delivery management
  • Custom sw delivery team management
  • Strategic (international) business development
  • Sales and Sales team management
  • Digital Marketing management
  • Product management

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