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No more paperwork! Using low-code you can modernize your financial department and increase revenue. By automating workflows. Reduce the dependency on excel and paperwork. Automate repetitive tasks using RPA integrations and manage your data better. Connect your processes across the organization to ensure faster administration

This is what you can do with Effector to increase efficiency of your Financial Department and enhance the experience of your customers, but also your employees:

Expense Claim
Speed up the process of collecting, approving and reimbursing the expense claims of your employees.
Purchase requests
Ensure all stakeholders are informed of purchase requests and the approval process can integrate with your ERP ordering system.
Reimbursement Application
Procurement and Purchasing
Budgeting and forecasting
Replacements for Excel Sheets
Mortgage Application Management
Invoice management
Process and onboarding app for newcustomers
Customer portfolios

Human Resources

The success of each business lies in the work of each employee. The difference between a successful and a mediocre business comes from how happy, engaged or motivated each individual is.

Creating apps with low-code will provide a better employee experience.

Optimizing the Human Resources Department with low-code means to create applications that will help the employees to focus on the important things, rather than doing repetitive tasks. Some examples of applications are:

Employee onboarding
Motivate your new employees with online training and education materials.
Talent Management
How to attract andretain your best hires.
HR Policies
The employees will be automatically announced about all the changes in the HR policies.
Employee self-service
All benefits in one place, from discounts from partners, gym subscription, canteen menu or others.
Annual Performance Reviews
Create an easy system to keep the employee motivated with a bonus distribution and clear expectations.
Health plan enrollment
Sending reminders to all employees about the annual health check, benefits included in the health insurance or medical reimbursements.
Leave requests
No more running forapprovals from the manager. All types of leave days added in an app. Approval with a single click.
Streamline HR process
Employee offboarding
HR Training
Employee cloth asset management
Timesheet management
Workforce allocation

IT Support

Modern IT and back-office processes, internal systems and applications create more efficient ways of working inside your organization.

Using low-code you can create faster applications and with the right training, “citizen developers” can take some tasks from the IT department.

Developing faster you can reduce the IT backlog and improve collaboration between the business and IT.

Internal help desk requests
Each employe ecan issue tickets for different problems that will be managed by the right team: facility, IT, HR.
Project management
All teams involved in one process stay connected with regular reminders, updates and comments.
Incidents Management:
IT Department can check all security incidents or threats, when a specific user.
Customer Support Tickets
The employees will be able to faster organize tickets, delegate the responsible person, send faster responses, escalate to the head of department if needed or other tasks, all automated.
Help Desk
Hardware & Software Requests


With Effector, your internal processes of operations can be digitalized and in some cases automated. This helps provide full end-end traceability to ensure compliance and efficiency.

Using our workflow tool and low-code technology, you can connect all units of your operations in a true end-end digital process.

Below are a few examples:

Vendor and Supplier on-boarding
You can be connected with your partners through an application that will have contracts, all contacts and procedures. Having these processes automated, you can focus on 1 to 1 communication.
Improve team communication
Each project team can be connected via a specific app which will contain all details about the project, comments, reviews or recommendations. Without the need of endless meetings or calls.
Authorized expenditures
An application that will help, for example, the controlling department that can approve and send notifications faster when a project can start.
Facility Department App
A clear view of all assets, from employee clothes to electric parts or equipment. Also, the situation of each building and facilities.
Safety and Quality control
All processes will be moved online, instead of using paper-forms or excel sheets. Checks, follow-ups, notifications will be sent to the right person.
Paperless process with user-friendly checklists and forms to keep quality at the highest standards.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing, sometimes two different departments, need now to work together more than ever and generate more revenue. At the end, this is what keeps the business running and all people involved happy.

Connecting processes can free the time of employees and give them the chance to invest it in creating real connections with the customers.

This is how you can grow opportunities, improve campaigns, optimize customer journey and bring money back to your company:

Automated Approval Process
Develop and complete proposals
Full reporting on Leads
Integrate with CRM
Customised CRM
Customer communication
Spend Management
Account management
Campaign Management
Marketing Asset Management


The laws are always changing and your business should evolve as well. You can captivate your customers by creating web-applications for modernizing your legal department, with minimum costs.

Having an automated system to ensure compliance and gather information will improve the performance of your legal department.

In ever changing legal environments, workflows need to be dynamically updated to stay relevant. With a low-code platform with workflow capabilities you can create and adapt quickly to stay up to date.

These are some examples of how your business can be improved:

Client management
Automated notifications, emails sent to clients, reminders and all data gathered in one place.
Project App
One application that will connect all team members, from attorneys to CEO or project manager.
Digital document and data management
All the details of a certain case, client documents, ID or digital contracts.
Employee Legal Requirements
An application that will gather all legal documents for each new employee, also all documents needed for leaving the company.
Contract Management
All contracts in one place, e-signature and automated notifications when changes are needed.
Regulatory compliance
Legal review requests
Practice Management


Each element of the supply chain needs to be strongly linked to the other in order to have an efficient and powerful system of receiving and delivering goods.

With low-code, you can create applications that will link all the departments from production, warehouse, shipping to each individual in the plant or even to each driver transporting the materials of your company.

Supply chain management needs to be automated in order to save money, human-work and time.

These are some examples of applications you can create with low-code:

Digitizing analog processes
Connected internal systems, notifications about which products are in warehouse and which are already in production, connection with working cobots or aAGVs, checking status of production, quality control and all details about shipping.
Updating legacy systems
You can update your EPR faster, easier and with low cost.
Order management
Customer & Supplier data management
Delivery scheduling
Connect data from core systems
like Salesforce RM, SAP ERP, IBM, Oracle and more.
Prepping Shipments
Mobile workforce management
Maintenance request management


An automated administration system can transform your business. Having the power to quickly make changes, to integrate with existing systems or creating operation dashboards will deliver a more pleasant experience for each employee.

You can optimize your business and digitally transform administrative services by using low-code technology to create as many applications as you need.

Contract management
Resource booking
Intranet Employee directory
Vacation, timesheets, expenses
Contact database management
Supplier and contract management
Project management
Travel expense management, administration and  approval
Supplier management
Order management


The times are changing fast, so your business has to do it also. One of the most important aspects of production is to innovate, but as many systems and processes are in between, the main focus will be to keep the system going and don’t stop the production lines.

With low-code you can create applications that will make the production process way easier and faster, so you and your team could invest your time in innovating new products.

This is how you can increase your revenue, by automating production processes:

Workers Application
Assembly line changes, automatically approved by the superior.
Optimize maintenance
Automatically notify the facility department if technicians are needed.
Monitor errors
Automatically communicate defects, diagrams and graphics can be shown for future improvements.
Incident reports
All incidents in one place, so the HR department can control and minimize future risks.
Emergency action plans
Time tracking system
Product inspections
Equipment service
Disaster response
Resource Planning
ISO Compliance
Defect Monitoring

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ERP Extension

  • Improve Operations
  • Design Innovative User Experiences
  • Customize SAP processes
  • Migrate to S/4HANA

Legacy Modernization

  • Energy and Utilities:
  • Billing, Collections and Payments
  • Settlements and Reconciliation
  • Scheduling
  • Position management
  • Bidding
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Factoring
  • Loan loss
  • Provisions
  • Risk management
  • Impairments
  • Retail and Logistics:
  • Product and contract management
  • Commerce core
  • Terminal management
  • Dispatch and control
  • Insurance:
  • Policy administration
  • Product administration
  • Pension fund engine
  • Claims handling
  • Unifying incongruent legacy systems
  • Connect data from core systems like Salesforce RM, SAP ERP, IBM, Oracle and more

Robotic Process Automation

  • Automate low-level tasks
  • Assists humans with higher-leveltasks
  • Replace repetitive tasks withRobots
  • Monitor and report on processes
  • Anticipate roadblocks with machine learning
  • Natural language processing NLP

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