Future-Proof your business

These are challenging times. The current COVID19 crisis is testing our old ways of working and brings digital processes into sharp focus.

Oriana wants to help the European SME businesses to strengthen their operational workflows to maintain productivity.

Until the end of 2020, we will offer our low-code platform free for SMEs who would benefit from digitalization over the coming months.

How you can benefit from this offer?

Create digital workflows with customized applications to drive your business efficiency.

Prepare your business against future shocks and be ready to ramp up when wereturn to business as usual.

contact us if:

You are an EU based SME in the worst-hit countries. i.e. Italy, Spain, UK,Germany, France, Belgium

You have up to 300 employees

Sectors: All kind of industries and local governments


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Application development costs are not included: if you are not able to develop your application(s) you have to hire a Development Partner or Oriana International

Each company limited to 50 free named users (this is a lot, trust us)

Free licenses for first 6 month only. No commitment, if you are satisfied our standard end-user license fees apply.

Address: Montevideo u. 6. Budapest, 1037, Hungary
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