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The challenge is to deliver the right task to the right person at the right time with the aim of delighting customers with on-time information.
Transformations empowered by low-code allow you to shape the technology to your business while providing a robust foundation to support data analysis and predictive insights.
From simple applications to adaptive case management solutions, whatever your requirement, Oriana can help you.

Why LOW-CODE is the future?

"Enterprise low-code application platforms offer compelling productivity gains for professional and citizen developers, as well as speed of delivery benefits."


Oriana - Low-code is the future
Oriana - Low-code is the futue

"Working with “no code” and “low-code” automation tools is a big change that empowers departments to solve their own problems one at a time, rather than relying on big waves of IT-driven implementations."


"Low-code development platforms are emerging as a key strategy to accelerate app delivery to support digital business transformation. And they have the potential to make software development as much as 10 times faster than traditional methods."


Oriana's low-code platform: Use cases

Oriana has been used across a wide variety of industries to provide a broad range of solutions. We pride ourselves on the adaptability and flexibility of the platform across vertical and horizontal segments. See a few examples below or contact us today for a discussion on your exact needs.


Support all processes related to tender applications including calls, registration, evaluation, contract conclusion and account settlement processes.

Oriana - Tender management
Oriana - Human Resource Management


Full human capital management system for today's modern enterprise. Easily intergrates with 3rd party solutions such as ATS, community workspaces. Offers a standard module of recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training management, renumeration management as well as exit processes. Customise and expand to your specific needs.


From CRM to Service Management, our modules are flexible and easily combined. Management of custom adhoc processes in case management scenarios, integration with call centre systems, Outlook, Sharepoint and all major ERP systems help provide total freedom from vendor lock.

Oriana - Customer relationship management
Oriana - Project administration


Allows full life cycle management from scope capture to settlement of accounts. Full time, task and deadline management and comprehensive reporting features. MS Project import capabilities also. Easily assign tasks and create sub-processes ad-hoc.


BPMN2.0 compliant process mapping module used for capturing business logic and human tasks. Comes with RPA integration possibilities for automation of tasks. Includes automatic cycle time tracking, document storage and retrieval, fast querying, rule-based task assignment, sub-process management, personalised task buckets, all with an intuitive UI for ease of operation.

Oriana - Workflow management
Oriana - Mobile workforce management

mobile workforce management

Capture activities and issues on the move, easily integrate with CRM, inventory records, document management or project controlling modules etc. to give full control and traceability to your mobile or field operations.


Full spectrum flexibility to help systematically organise your documentation requirements. Easy search and filtering, automatic rule based naming and document generation to suit automated process needs.

Oriana - Document management
Oriana - Contract management


Up-to-date databases can be created enabling the tracking of all quality control and quality assurance processes and thus the minimising deviations from standards. supports a quick and efficient ISO or internal audits.

public and private Procurement

Supports the management of public procurement procedures customisable to local legal requirements. Ensures efficient, documented and transparent process visibility. Customisable reports, bid and contract management as well as task assignment and rule based email notification.

Oriana - Procurement management


Oriana contains all the components necessary to scale in modern enterprise environments. Robust and tested in large enterprise environment over a wide range of use cases.
Oriana - Integration components
Integration components
Oriana - Directory service integration
Directory services integration
Oriana - Performance
High performance,
minimal latency
Oriana - Security
Security by design
Oriana - Scalability
Scalability up to
thousands of users
deployment flexibility
Deployment flexibility
On-premise, cloud, mobile friendly


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