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catalogue of business application templates

Client relationship management (CRm)

Managing business opportunities, marketing events, follow-up sales reports, documents storage, built-in reports, up to date information on the current marketing/sales status.

Oriana - Customer Relationship Management

customer service system

The Effector Platform Application makes the operation of a call-center or personal customer service transparent and traceable.The system brings together all events, processes, documents and tasks associated with customers.

Oriana - Customer Service System

document management

The Effector Platform Application allows an effective and uniform management and systematization of documents, including a quick search option based on any criteria. Allows creating a centralized document library.

Oriana - Document Management

HR management

Integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) Platform
Centralised and unified management of staff data and documents, support benefit calculations and manage entry and exit processes.

Oriana - Human resources Management

procurement management

The Effector Platform Application supports the management of public procurement procedures in accordance with the legal requirements, ensuring effective, documented and transparent process management.

Oriana - Procurement management

mobile workforce support

The Effector Platform Application based on an existing back-office system, enables the recording and measurement of working time using mobile devices. Users can record execution of their tasks on-the-fly and if the application is connected to an CRM, they can receive mobile notifications, prepare inventory and see orders lists.

Oriana - Mobile Workforce Support

project administration

The Effector Platform Application made for supporting project management tasks and continuously monitor the status of projects. It also allows the registration, monitoring and costing of projects, the recording and assignment of tasks and regular progress checks.

Oriana - Project Administration

Tender management

The Effector Platform Application supports tasks related to tender management and helps to continuously monitor tender procedures, including registration, evaluation, contract conclusion and inviting parties to present their accounts.

Oriana - Tender management


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