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If you are new in the world of low-coding and you would like to learn more about these topics, this Ebook was made for you.

catalogue of business application templates

Customer relationship management (CRm)

In the client database, created by means of the CRM Business Application Template, business opportunities and marketing events can be managed easily and it helps with the smooth follow up of the sales and marketing results.


customer service system

This Customer Service System, prepared using the Effector Platform, makes the operation of a call centre or personal customer service transparent and traceable.


document management

This Document Management Business Application Template, prepared using the Effector Platform, allows an effective and uniform management and systematisation of documents available electronically at your business as well as quick search in them based on any criteria.


human resources (hr) management

This Human Resources Management System, prepared using the Effector Platform, enables a centralised and unified management of the data of staff members and ensures timely access to and searchability of data.


iso processes and contract management

This is a Business Application Template enabling the electronic management of ISO processes and related documents and, furthermore, serving as a ‘Library of Policies, Rules & Procedures’. ISO processes can be fully mapped in this application.



Knowledge-base system supports structuring special, company specific knowledge-base elements. After completing the elaboration of the relevant standard, the Knowledge-Base Business Application ensures integrated storage of the elements and enables effective document retrieval as well.


management information system (mis)

This Management Information System Business Application Template, prepared using the Effector Platform, provides transparent and up-to-date information about the operations of your company.


management of procurement and public procurement procedures

This Business Application Template supports the management of public procurement procedures in accordance with the legal requirements, ensuring effective, documented and transparent process management.


marketing management

This Marketing Management Business Application Template, prepared using the Effector Platform, gives you an opportunity to support marketing tasks and continuously follow up the results of marketing activities.


mobile workforce support

This Business Application Template complements existing back office systems. It enables the recording and measurement of working time using mobile devices.


planning and preparing duty schedules

Business Application Template titled "Planning and Preparing Duty Schedules", which has been developed on the Effector Platform, provides opportunity for supporting tasks that are related to assigning the "mobile" staff of the company and for ongoing monitoring the activity.


project administration

This Project Administration Business Application Template, prepared using the Effector Platform, gives you an opportunity to support project management related tasks and continuously monitor the status of projects.


project controlling

This Business Application supports controlling business administration projects in respect of finances and rates of readiness. Projects are visualised and managed by the system by so-called "packages".


training management and implementation

The Training Management Business Application Template enables the management of all administrative matters related to trainings.


workflow management system

This Business Application Template enables a quick, efficient mapping and operation of business processes.


working time recording and reporting

This Business Application Template enables the tracking, control and structured management of working time. Its purpose is to document and accurately record the daily tasks of staff members.


talentsift integrated human capital management

Talentsift HR Management Platform is an integrated tool to manage all corporate HR needs. It consists of 6 individual modules, each can be used independently, integrated with other systems, or tailored to specific needs.


Application management

This Application Management Business Application Template, prepared using the Effector Platform, gives you an opportunity to support tasks related to the management of applications and to continuously monitor application procedures.



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