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The website (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Website’) is operated by Oriana Tanácsadó, Fejlesztő és Szolgáltató Kft. (registered office: H-1037 Budapest, Montevideo u. 6., Hungary) (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Provider’).

In order to provide you with a personalised and interactive web experience, we need to store certain information regarding how you use this Website. This is done using small text files named cookies. Cookies are tiny text files that are downloaded to your computer, or other device, from a web server when you visit certain websites. On each subsequent visit, these cookies are sent back to the originating website by your web browser, so that it will recognise you and remember your settings (e.g. your user preferences). To read more about cookies and how they work, please visit

Whenever you visit this Website, it continuously collects information using cookies and other means. By using this Website, you agree that the Website uses cookies in accordance with this Policy.You may visit the Website free of charge, without providing any personal data; however, access to certain parts of this Website is subject to registration. A prerequisite for registration is that you provide certain personal data. Provider shall process personal data provided by visitors confidentially and in accordance with the applicable legal provisions. Provider processes the information listed below, in accordance with the foregoing.

Information processed by the Provider in relation to registered users:

The primary purpose of data processing performed by the Provider in relation to this Website is to ensure the efficient, secure and personalised operation of this Website, including the display of personalised advertising and enhancing the effectiveness of this Website.

Additional purposes of data processing by the Provider include the identification of users; settlement of disputes arising from or in connection with the use of this Website; informing users; troubleshooting operational errors; as well as exercise of the rights of the Provider by enforcing the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Website. By the acceptance of this Privacy Policy, users expressly consent to the processing of their data by the Operator for the purposes specified above.

In formulating its data protection rules, the Provider took into account the applicable legislation in force, with particular regard to the following:

Pursuant to the provisions of the data protection legislation in force, Provider seeks to provide services that are considered safe also from a technical aspect. Provider shall take all technical and organisational measures that are necessary to enforce the relevant legal provisions and other recommendations. With regard to services where users need to enter personal data to be able to use the services, channels ensuring the adequate protection of users will be provided for the sending of such messages.

At your request, your registration will be cancelled and your personal data will be deleted.  You can request cancellation of your registration by emailing us at

Possibilities to enforce your rights

At your request, your registration will be cancelled and your personal data will be deleted. You can request cancellation of your registration by emailing us at

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