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What is Oriana's low-code platform?
A flexible tool for supporting the modernization of core and workflow applications within the back-office environment.
Who is it for?
Service providers and technical delivery teams to support their clients better or C-suite executives looking to provide a dynamic layer over their legacy system.

How is it unique?
It's designed for the back-office from top to bottom and ensures no vendor or developer lock due to easy intergations and SQL approach.
What does it look like?
Architected for simplicity and familiarity. Our UI is functional and designed for back-offices. Our workflow engine complies with BPMN2.0. Our SQL and XML and open source approach, provides transparency and freedom.
How to learn it?
If you have basic SQL or some level of SQL proficiency it takes only days to acquire the necessary skills in Oriana. A proven onboarding and training program guides you through the process.
How to start a project?
Capture your workflow and mock-up your application in the Studio. Gain buy-in and approval with working proof of concepts. After approval then customize in Oriana with SQL.

how Oriana's low-code platform supports growth?

The Low-Code market today is booming. Globally, a shortage of software engineers, increasing demand from business for digitalisation, and an increasing need to manage and gain insights from data are some of the key drivers behind the growth of low-code.
Businesses today need robust and dynamic back office digital tools to cope with new technology and customer trends, while supporting process optimisation and increasing speed is of the essence to any enterprise client.
Oriana allows you to extend or create new lines of business, allowing end to end consultation to implementation, with less need for expensive and hard to hire software engineers.

Why Work with us?

You will enter the back office applications market in a matter of weeks with relatively low risk.

You will design, develop, deploy business applications for your clients faster than ever before.

You will create your prototype to test the market in weeks.

Allows registration, monitoring and budgeting of projects, recording and assignment of related tasks as well as regular progress checks.

You will serve your clients with a very capable and flexible platform.

You will create robust software solutions for your customers and demo faster.

You will utilize our library of application blocks, source code, and demos to support your projects.

Oriana - Why work with us

You will get full onboarding support with a true feeling of partner empowerment.


If you join the Oriana Ecosystem you get much more than just the technology. Our “franchise box” is the complete package which contains everything to start application development:

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Oriana's training with technical, business analyst and sales training
Oriana's Studio an online tool to make application development even faster
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Sales battlesheets and brochures for your sales team
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Best practices for your technical delivery team
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Complete set of document templates needed for low-code projects
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Agile project methodology tailored for the Low-Code Platform
Become a partner

Join the Oriana Partner Program

Here are just a few reasons to consider becoming an Oriana Partner

System integrator
consulting firm
software development
No vendor lock
Design, develop, deploy faster
Faster prototyping
Industry agnostic
No vendor lock
BPMN 2.0 compliant
Easy integrations
Enter the application market
Easy to learn
Future proof
Increase margins
Extend scope of engagement
Account protection and lead generation support
Partner discounts on end-user list pricing
Project planning, resourcing and pricing support
E-learning modules to grow your skills
Full onboarding and project support

See how low code builds better businesses

Here’s what Our Partners say

“Experts said, for a call center application like ours we would have needed at least 4-5 months development. Oriana made it possible in 6 weeks.”

(Csaba Fazekas - NISZ - Hungarian National Infocommunication Services)

“We got not only technology but a complex content library and business strategy too which helped us start a brand new service line.”

(Andras Sudar - Owner at ALOHA Informatics Ltd.)

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