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Workflow automation

Work with RPA tools in the low-code environment to increase your workflow automation 

Many tasks within a human workflow can be automated. However, many other tasks or process steps require human interaction and judgement. Cases can deviate from set processes and human workflows take over to react to situations as they arise. Or simply, human interaction is needed when talking with customers or colleagues and judgement is required.By first mapping your process, then digitalizing it and applying Robotic Process Automation to the obvious process steps which would benefit, you can track performance, collect data and later optimize the process to increase efficiencies.

The value of low-code in dynamically changing enterprise environments is that the “time to value” and “the ability to change” on demand is supported by the low-code approach. When a bundled solution, RPA and a strong workflow orchestrator (such as Effector) is part of the package, complex human workflows can be easily put together to run end to end processes.

The addition of RPA into workflow steps which are fixed and static saves time and reduces human error.

The combined value of low-code, workflow and RPA enables full end to end process management and optimization.

Low-code and RPA, a natural alliance

Boost your workflow

RPA and low-code solutions require no ‘deep’ changes to the system, they are natural allies, providing complimentary services. Oriana manages the workflows behind the business logic while RPA tools can be utilized to capture data and manipulate applications just like humans do. This excellent fit between technologies has led to a working alliance between Oriana and RPA industry leader UiPath.

No more repetitive tasks

The two innovative solutions work hand in hand to deliver a wide variety of use-cases across all industries and sectors. Anywhere that business apps are based on workflows – which is just about everywhere – RPA is deployable to solve repetitive tasks. Oriana then orchestrates the whole workflow, driving a customized solution specific to the use cases of a business. Therefore it makes  workflows more manageable.

Track your performance

Intuitive low-code platforms like Oriana make it easy for process operators or leaders to directly contribute to the workflow and application specification. By first mapping and digitalizing the process, RPA can be applied to appropriate process steps. Process performance can be tracked, and data collected to later optimize the process to even further increase efficiency. The data is visible and easy to share with your entire team.

Why oriana?

  • Oriana has over 70,000 users of its low-code platform, which is deployed in small businesses, through to highly regulated and complex environments.
  • Oriana is a challenger to other DPA alternatives on the market, with sophisticated and robust product data, at a competitive and affordable pricing level.
  • Oriana helps UiPath partners move ahead in their digitalization journey and consolidate complex application environments.
  • Oriana has adopted an open and customer empowered approach when developing its low-code platform, with a no-vendor lock approach as well as avoiding the use of abstraction code enabling customers and partners full customization possibilities through the power of SQL.

Why UiPath?

  • UiPath is a market leader in RPA globally with over 2000+ existing customers and is growing rapidly.
  • UiPath supplements Oriana by enabling the automation of repetitive tasks within human workflows, and by offering a rich feature set to help augment human workflows.
  • With continued monitoring of the digitized end-to-end process, further human steps can be consolidated, reduced or automated.
  • UiPath fits neatly into the BPMN2.0 process approach of Oriana, seamlessly integrating into the flow of tasks.

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