Webinar in collaboration with our partner Expertivity.
How low-code and workflow can support operational excellence
in the Financial Services Industry and Public Sector
Upcoming date: 9th July, 14:00 (CET), 40 minutes
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Why service sector productivity lags other sectors

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Examples and Solutions from the FSI and Public Sector

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How low-code and workflow can work hand in hand with process excellence initiatives

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How to easily increase productivity up to 50%

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Alex McDonell

Working primarily in the Healthcare, Government, Technology & Financial Services sectors, Alex is recognised as one of Europe's leading experts in helping organisations build Enterprise/Operational Excellence (including Lean & Six Sigma) as a core competence throughout service and knowledge work organisation. Alex is an exceptionally experienced senior management professional having held several senior executive positions in organisations such as Dell, Ericsson and Eircom. For the last 17 years Alex has operated as a consultant Master Practitioner and has successfully led a large number of enterprise-wide Lean and Operational Excellence transformation programs in private, public and semi-sate organisations.

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