low-code and your business

The basics

In a world where software development is constantly increasing, using low-code technology is the only solution to keep your business standards high and be able to respond to customer needs as they become ever more complex. Low-code delivers software development fast, while keeping standards high. Are you ready to try it?

What is low-code?

  • Low-code is the technology that citizen developers use in order to personally adjust, change, and adapt their IT applications without the help of their IT department.
  • Supports complex workflows, in order to help your company evolve faster, connecting departments and creating new applications.
  • Data safety? All good! Oriana is a low-code platform that integrates with your system security settings, so all data - old or new - stays protected.
  • Re-use data by integrating data from different sources in different processes.
  • All your line-to-business systems are connected. You can access other solutions from the application without the need to access each application individually.

What can you do with low-code?

  • When creating custom apps with the use of a low-code platform, accuracy is increased by automatically identifying workflow anomalies.
  • Track and measure your data in more detail and faster. A low-code platform can connect various applications and show personalized graphics on the performances of specific departments, or even the entire organization. This will help you understand where you need to improve your business processes.
  • You can access your data from any mobile device. Furthermore, you can use mobile devices to initiate workflows, interact with the application or connect with your colleagues.
  • When working with a low-code platform like Oriana, you're also work equally with the technical team behind it. That means you will have a comprehensive onboarding program, constant technical and business-oriented support and consulting services. We want to make sure you take full advantage of the experience of working in this environment.
  • With a low-code platform, you can better control the processes behind your business. Our motto is: “Design, develop, deploy faster” and that means making business processes more efficient, using less development time, improving customer experience and eliminating bottlenecks.

are you ready to try it?

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