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Built upon years of experience, Effector has evolved into a highly capable and sophisticated development platform which simplifies application development significantly. Featuring no-code and low-code capabilities, Effector excels in the back-office environment, where process workflow optimization can determine the competitive advantage of your organisation.
Build prototypes within days or complex applications within weeks.
key features

Platform overview

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What is Effector?
A flexible tool for supporting the modernization of core and workflow applications within the back-office environment.
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Who is it for?
Service providers and technical delivery teams to support their clients better or C-suite executives looking to provide a dynamic layer over their legacy system.

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How is it unique?
It's designed for the back-office from top to bottom and ensures no vendor or developer lock due to easy intergations and SQL approach.
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What does it look like?
Architected for simplicity and familiarity. Our UI is functional and designed for back-offices. Our workflow engine complies with BPMN2.0. Our SQL and XML and open source approach, provides transparency and freedom.
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How to learn it?
If you have basic SQL or some level of SQL proficiency it takes only days to acquire the necessary skills in Effector. A proven onboarding and training program guides you through the process.
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How to start a project?
Capture your workflow and mock-up your application in Effector Studio. Gain buy-in and approval with working proof of concepts. After approval then customize in Effector with SQL.

We need partners like you

Join us and become part of our community. Only your imagination will limit the solutions possible with Effector. With a growing demand for digital solutions in business, you need flexible and robust tools which help speed up and simplify the process of development. Our partner packages can be tailored to suit your needs. Talk to us today.

Key features

optimized for back office apps
UI framework optimized for back-office tasks
workflow with BPM 2.0 compliance
Exceptional BPMN 2.0 compliant workflow modeler
built-in business logic
Forms with built-in business logic
standard xml project declaration
Standard XML object declaration
SQL based building
SQL-based logic building
on-premise and cloud hosting
On-premise and cloud hosting

Effector Studio

Designed for non coders or citizen developers with a knowledge of the process or business. The studio is an integrated development environment enabling a no-code approach to start the building process. Within the studio you can define your workflow, capture business logic, design the screens and content for the final application and set your data model. The result can be a working proof of concept to help get buy-in or approvals. Using Effector Studio you can prototype the business needs within days without involving senior developers.

smart Building blocks for faster development

Application blocks

◉ Contains fully working functions (eg. Workflow handling, Task assignment, Dashboards, etc)

◉ Can be imported to the application with a few clicks

◉ Fully customizable after import

◉ Speeds up development prototyping significantly

◉ The blocks are interoperable and open source

Effector - building application blocks
Effector - Highly customizable functions

Shape the look, feel and function with no-code

◉ Build simple solutions fully in no-code

◉ Launch dynamic sub-processes without IT

◉ Continually growing block library

◉ Large library of sample demo code

◉ Full RPA integration capability

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