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Take control of your back-office digitalization and stop adapting your business to the solution.

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Empower your process leaders in digitizing human workflows with a flexible and dynamic application layer and future proof your enterprise.

Support your team with the right tools to deliver more value to the business and earn kudos from your peers.

key benefits of low-code for today's CxO

Lower the cost and reduce the time of application development

Reduce the total cost of ownership

Adapt the solution to your business

Develop faster proof of concepts and make decisions quicker

Rapidly deliver business value from digital transformation

Unlock potential within your citizen developers

common use cases

Internal IT






Ticketing system


Campaign planning

Hiring process

Pipeline dashboard

Contract management

Asset management

Expense workflow

Content calendar

Onboarding / offboarding

Quotation process

Resource booking


P&L dashboards

Event management



Vacation approval


Secure document management

Lead management

Employee certificates

Renewal tracking


Be part of the low-code journey

Back-end processes, while often overlooked, provide the back bone infrastructure for much of the data processing and customer and employee insights so valuable in todays data driven work. With business moving faster and customers expecting more, digital processes are key in driving results. Today’s CxO faces several challenges in supporting the business and customers with technology. Aging legacy systems, under resourced IT departments, greater demands for speed are all top of mind for many IT leaders.

With back-office processes often put to the back of the line when deciding priorities, IT departments struggle to ever catch up with demands coming from operations regarding process modernization. The reality is, that back-office digitalization will never fully happen if you need to rely on IT to manage it all.
This is truly where the power of low-code and Oriana can support.

‍A tool designed in and for the back-office, it enables your process leaders to take control of the process digitalization. Process owners can now take control of designing and proofing new applications without the need for IT involvement or a single line of code.Intuitive UI guidelines help minimize the energy spent on design by following practical process oriented layouts. Once proofed, final customization demands much less from IT due to the low-code approach and the use of more commonly available SQL skills.

Oriana - Low-code journey

The process can be collaborative and agile with the added benefit of involving the very people responsible for managing the process. Processes and sub-process can be created or changed more dynamically, meaning a faster response time for the business to create value.


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