Prescriptive Low-Code:
The New Quest To Marry The Best Of Packaged And Custom Apps

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A Promising Approach To Obtain Custom Business Solutions

by John Bratincevic and John Rymer
with Randy Heffner, Chris Gardner,
Abigail Livingston, and Kara Hartig

Why Read This Report?

"Prescriptive low-code platforms blend packaged application components and low-code development platforms to speed delivery of bespoke business apps.

Low-code platforms allow fast app delivery; prescriptive low-code can be even quicker. A handful of platform vendors are pioneering the approach — usually for complex enterprise applications.

Application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals should read this report to understand the potential benefits and pitfalls of this new branch of the low-code platforms market and “buy vs. build” alternative."

Table Of Contents

  • Is There A Better Way To Get Custom Solutions Fast?I
  • Enter Prescriptive Low-Code Platforms
  • Prescriptive Low-Code Adds Value Beyond Speedy App Delivery
  • The Challenges Of Prescriptive Low-Code
  • Which Vendors Are Driving Prescriptive Low-Code?
  • When To Consider Prescriptive Low-Code
  • The Three Potential Futures For Prescriptive Low-Code
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