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Upgrade legacy processes and business applications

Why Oriana?

@ IT Integrator
Oriana allows Dave to deliver more projects in shorter time. Dave built a new business line within his company quickly.
@ digital transformation
Julie understands her clients business workflows and now she has a tool to impress clients with fast proof of concepts.
@ Software Development
Greg sought a robust technology for his team, with the capability to modernize core applications easier.
Dev team leader
@ Software development
Better utilizing her people and delivering project milestones faster was a key reason for Maya chosing Oriana.

How Oriana's low-code platform Works

Easy to start

Involve the team and build proof of concepts after 1 day with our no-code module - Studio. Use the low-code module, Oriana, to build complete solutions within weeks using only SQL to customize.

Oriana - Easy to start
Oriana - Customize without limits

Customize without limits

Combining our application blocks and SQL skills you can customize your applications to suit your specific needs adapting the software to your business and growing at your own pace.

Workflows as the foundation

Using our BPMN2.0 compliant workflow module, you can capture workflows, sub-processes and build entire case management tools. Build or import your data model to fit your process needs.

Oriana - Workflows as the foundation
Oriana - Adapts to your business

Adapts to your business

No vendor lock. No developer lock. Open source code and full customization. Oriana scales with you without limits. In cloud, on-premise and with mobile support, we have you covered.

LOW-CODE for BACK OFFICE modernization

Back-office processes are often overlooked and feature lower on the priority list of over stretched IT departments. With Oriana's low-code platform your teams can say "yes" to more projects due to simplicity and speed of low-code. It is designed from top to bottom to modernize human task driven workflow environments. From simple approvals to complex case management, modernizing your core processes just got easier.
Check our use cases here.
Oriana - Low code platform screenshot

Why our clients love ORIANA?

“We completed our project in less than 50% of the estimated time. Helping us deliver value faster to the business.”
(Multinational call center)
“With the support of Oriana to build a strategy, we started a new business unit on the back of the technology and the complex content library.”
(Andras Sudar - owner, ALOHA Informatika)
“We built a complete procurement system under the Oriana OEM model and within 6 months we had 3 projects underway with our clients.”
(Péter Lackó - Clarity Consulting)
"With the support of Oriana to build a strategy, we started a new business unit on the back of the technology and the complex content library.”
(Andras Sudar - owner, ALOHA Informatika)

Expand your business with Oriana

The low-code market is gaining more and more momentum. Oriana reduces the dependency on software engineers to build enterprise grade business applications allowing consultants, business analysts or citizen developers to build solutions and contribute directly to the execution of digitalization projects.
Talk to us today about joining our community and let us show you the potential ahead.

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